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I figured if anyone knew where to get some Twang, it’d be you… Shut up!

Posted in Music by Russ L on 27 March, 2006

Saturday the 25th of March saw the continuation of celebrations loosely based around A Certain Day Of The Year, with a nice little music/food/fustigation combo. I met up with Trigger at Rowley station and – lord – he never gets any thinner. I only say things like that to provoke him into leaving a comment and thus allow me to take the piss out of him more.

This weekend, anyway, was the occasion of Gigbeth – a collection of various free gigs happening at various venues in Birmingham area Digbeth (did you see what they did there with the name? It’s very clever), with the emphasis on local artists. I approve of this sort of thing. More please.

A couple of alldayers were a’gwaanin at The Sanctuary (and The Dragon Bar within The Sanctuary), with the turns including The Big Bang and Distophia, both of whom get the thumbs up from me. With the aforementioned food and fustigation taking up later-on-time, though, we didn’t get to see either on this occasion. Our main target for the early part of the afternoon were The Twang, about whom I’d heard good things from a couple of sources.

First, though, we caught all but the start and end of Sleepyhead’s set in The Dragon Bar. I didn’t think a lot of ‘em. The combination of melodic rock and Latin-American percussion is a theoretically noble aim, but they ended up sounding like Santana when they were playing screaming guitar solos and a ploddy indie band spilling salsa down their jumpers at all other times. A bit dull, really.

Transferring over to the main Sanctuary room, it was time to see The Twang. ‘Happy Mondays’ is the almost overwhelming thought, in sound but even more so in spirit. The main singer has a loud ‘n’ lairy way about him, but charming with it – I’ve seen him described elsewhere as being like a mix of Mike Skinner and Shaun Ryder, and that’s spot on. The other singer is (appropriately enough) a bit of a Bez figure, offering the odd bit of backing vox here and there but mostly just doing a bit of comical dancing around his mic stand. The songs sounded pretty good and probably likely to grow even better, but it was all about the attitude. I’ll definitely see ‘em again.

After that it was over to The Big Wok, for the customary (nay, necessary) all-you-can-eat-Chinese-buffet behaviour of stuffing your gob until you feel like you’re going to die. After that, to Coventry for the fight card, about which I will write soon…

~ Russ L



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