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Gong Originally

Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 March, 2006

After this visit to Chiquito (we’re on the 1st of March, by the way) I headed over to Birmingham to see Damian Marley. This involved waiting in the cold in Walsall for an age, due to one of the 51 buses simply not turning up. Curses.

I was expecting it to take a good few days to get into The Academy, after the firearm shenanigans at the Kanye West gig the previous night. It wasn’t too bad, as it happened – everyone got some form of search and there was a bit of waiting, but it could have been a lot worse.

Damian and band took to the stage accompanied by a man waiving a Jamaican flag in the air throughout the set, which made for a great visual (he must have some stamina in his arms, though). They also had most attitude-filled backing singers I’ve ever seen. They were ace.

D. Marley’s music has a great combination of combination of the old and the new, and that was what really loomed large at this gig. The unsurprising highlight was the closing (and joyous-uproar-provoking) ‘Welcome To Jamrock,’ but his cover of his father’s ‘War’ came close to it. ‘Move’ was fantastic (taking from ‘Exodus’ and again bringing the old/new thing to the fore), and a bit of unintentional comedy surfaced during ‘In 2 Deep.’ Adding a verse about not eating crap that he seemed to especially want people to listen to, he was forced to repeatedly circle and start again as people got a bit excitable and started cheering and bluh-ing over him. It was about his sixth attempt before he got to the end. I was cracking up.

An all-round energetic and enjoyable set, anyway. Between that and the trip to Chiquito it was a good evening to start off March.

~ Russ L



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