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Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 7 March, 2006

There was a fightcard at Walsall Town Hall on Sunday the fifth of March. It was a bit of a mystery, this one. I only found out about it earlier on in the week when a poster (which bore little resemblance to the card on the night) was posted in the news section of the Cagewarriors site. I knew it was entitled ‘Fight Night’ but didn’t even know who it was promoted by until I got there (Showsport, as it happens). I’d got the impression that it was an mixed martial arts card with a few kickboxing and Muay-Thai bouts added, but it turned out to be mostly a kickboxing card with MMA and Muay Thai add-ons (we had, I think, two amateur MMA fights, one semi-pro MMA, two full MMA, two Muay Thai, one womens kickboxing, and I believe about six kickboxing bouts). It’s unlikely that the results will ever be posted in one place on the internet due to the division of disciplines and I can’t even remember precisely how many fights there were never mind all of the names and who won, so if you really want to know you’re buggered. Serves you right, you should have attended.

The fight of the night was definitely Rick Challinor (of Supreme Team) vs Neil Huntley (of Tap ‘n’ Snap, I think) under semi-pro MMA rules, despite a bit of a timing cock-up (the bell for the end of the first round rang after three minutes rather than the five it should have been). It started with a bang as Rick knocked over Neil almost immediately with a great punch, and didn’t slow down from there. Both men had vociferous supporters creating a fantastic atmosphere to suit an exciting fight, with repeated sweeps & exchanges of position and ruthless ground ‘n’ pound. The judges decreed a split decision draw, and I can’t argue – it was close.

The “Well ain’t that the damnedest thing” award went to Dan Korbely from Supreme vs John Walton from Black Country Combat Academy (I think, again) under amateur MMA rules. Dan teed off with a volley of repeated middle kicks to the body, causing John to have to give a no mas and surrender. They must have been powerful. You don’t often expect to see such violent endings in amateur bouts.

Lee Jones from Wolverhampton’s Eclipse Gym provided a bit of comedy in his kickboxing decision win over someone from Norwich (sorry). There was face-pulling, there were muscleman poses between rounds, and of course the ever-hillarious winding-up-your-fist motions.

It was a shame for the two Lithuanian fighters (Danas Banevicius and Jonas Majaukas, if I’ve got that right), who travelled all the way over here (Edit: actually, I think they’re based over here) to get stopped by ground and pound in the pro MMA fights by Harvey Harra and Paul Taylor of Supreme Team, in just under and just over a minute respectively. Their cornerman looked pissed off – one wonders if they’d been led to believe that they’d be faced with easier competition…

Finally, a special hurrah to the ref. He reminded me of Uncle Phil breaking up a fight between Will and Carlton.

(Edit: The MMA results on their own can be found here).

~ Russ L

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  1. Ian Dean said, on 10 March, 2006 at 10:57 am

    Nice blog, fair and balanced

    I like it

  2. Russ L said, on 10 March, 2006 at 3:44 pm

    Cheers. Kind of you to say.


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