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Mistricipal Wastress

Posted in Music by Russ L on 27 February, 2006

Having actually managed to sleep a bit after the last gig, I wasn’t feeling too bad for the last of my four-in-four-nights. It’s a good job as well – you need energy when the mighty, mighty, mighty Municipal Waste are playing at The Flapper (22nd of Feb). This gig had gone through many-a crisis and nightmare and repeatedly looked like it may have been cancelled (as had the whole tour, for that matter), so hurrah for Gaz and Black Country Justice promotions (never has there been a better name for anything, ever) for keeping everything going.

Last time I wrote about openers Life Denied we had ourselves a good old fashioned internet hoo-har. I actually did like them a little bit more this time, but my opinion is still more-or-less the same – generic grindcore/death and nothing special. I found myself quite enjoying the beginning of a song towards the end of their set, starting with a squeally little riff and going on to a galloping section, but other than that nothing stood out.

Finally getting the chance to see The Plague Symphony, I found them to be no less generic but a better example of a typical style. Deathly metalcore, not doing anything that you wouldn’t expect but with some sharp riffs and possibly-catchy seeming parts. Nothing amazing but a reasonable way to pass the time, and I suppose they’d definitely be worth checking out if you have a yen for this particular idiom.

Mistress (the twentieth time I’ve seen them, fact fans) were great, as they always are. I’ve watched and written about them so many times I honestly don’t feel like there’s a fat lot I can add again; although I’m not sure I concur with other folks who seem to be saying it was the best set they’ve ever played, it was stonking. One thing I will say is that formerly, in times gone by, I always thought that (irrespective of how anything sounded on record) their slower/sludgier and midpaced/metallic parts always came across better live than their faster/grindier bits. The thought has occurred that I no longer feel this (not suddenly as of this gig. It’s been that way for a while but was is the first time I’d explicitly thought about it). There you go then: Mistress – a metal band effective at all ranges.

Last of all, my fourteenth band in four days (or nineteenth in six days, if you like) were Virginia thrashers Municipal Waste. They are, simply put, the most fun metal band going at the moment. Catchy and energetic headbang-a-thon crossover thrash songs (very very DRI, although comparisons really aren’t important) coupled with a genuine sense of humour. I can even imagine people who resolutely refuse to like anything in the way of metal getting swept up in it all. In their younger days Metallica (you remember them, surely?) claimed to be that band that ‘banged the head that does not bang,’ and if that epithet seems apt for any band now then it would be Municipal Waste.

~ Russ L


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  1. Ben said, on 27 February, 2006 at 11:35 pm

    Just had my first critical response to a gig review myself. Not quite the to-and-fro you had here, or that Pete Ashton had during his Going Deaf For A Fortnight series, but similar all the same. It’s amazing how much people think your opinion matters while at the same time saying it’s just your opinion, isn’t it? As for the “you can’t judge if you can’t get on stage and do better” argument – well, really…

  2. Russ L said, on 28 February, 2006 at 6:17 am

    Quiet, you ‘lazy journalist.’

    I often wonder which of those two words is meant to be the more insulting.


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