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It’s A Rotten Stinking Cockamamie Plot

Posted in Music, Stage by Russ L on 27 February, 2006

Quick one here to bring me back up to date – on Friday the 24th it was over to the Arena Theatre with me, to see “It’s A Plot – David Benson‘s Conspiracy Cabaret.”

Very good it was too. A spoken word type thing with added songs, it sees the wonderfuly camp David Benson talk about conspiracy theories and go off on various wild tangents, as he wrestles between his urge to indulge in believing that there’s all a bit more to it all and his urge to rationalise everything that happens as being the result of a series of natural cock-ups. If there’s any lesson to be learned it’s the ever-valuable “Don’t be so bloody dogmatic” and you’re bound to learn a few specific facts you didn’t know anyway, but far beyond that it was very funny indeed. Worth seeing.

~ Russ L


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  1. David Benson said, on 3 March, 2006 at 3:18 pm

    Thanks Russ! Really glad you enjoyed the show. It was the first time we had performed it since the Edinburgh Fringe last August and we were a little nervous. However we were delighted with the audience’s response and look forward to more shows on the road soon.

    By the way, here are the words to the song you mention in your title:

    It’s a plot!
    It’s a plot!
    It’s a dirty, lousy, rotten, stinking plot!

    They think that they’re so clever
    They think that they’re so slick
    They think that we won’t notice
    It’s a dirty, rotten trick

    They think they got us tied up in a knot
    But we’re not in a knot
    Cos we know that it’s a plot!

    We know damned well who’s behind it
    We know who’s pulling all the strings
    We haven’t any proof but when we finally find it
    We’ll see how the pendulum swings!

    God help them!

    It’s a plot!
    It’s a plot!
    Those traitors should be taken out and shot!

    With their crass assassinations
    And their cockamamie coups
    Destabilising nations
    And manipulating news
    They hope that we’ll be dumb enough
    To blame it on the Jews

    But that’s not the only argument we’ve got
    Yes, we’ve got quite a lot
    Cos we know that it’s a plot!

    Stand up for Diana!
    Stand up for JFK!
    Stand up for Truth and Freedom
    And the good old-fashioned way!
    Stand up for lots of other things we haven’t time to say!
    Don’t succumb!
    Sound the drum!

    It’s a plot!
    It’s a plot!
    A dirty, lousy, rotten, stinking plot!

    Let ’em say that we are liars
    Let ’em call us paranoid
    That kind of talk inspires
    Us and gets us more annoyed
    We’ll conspire against conspiracies
    Until they’re all destroyed!

    Let ’em hang, let ’em rot!
    On our conscience they’re a blot!
    It’s a rotten, stinkin’,
    (Who shot Lincoln?)
    Cotton-pickin’ plot!

  2. Russ L said, on 3 March, 2006 at 5:18 pm

    Celebrity comments! Fantastic.

    Ladies and gents a-reading, those lyrics may seem funny already but just wait until you see them delivered. The song is absolutely priceless.

    I should be going to see Mr Benson’s Star Struck in April, all being well.


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