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They would not listen, they’re not listening still

Posted in Music by Russ L on 21 February, 2006

(Bonus points to anyone who can tell me how the title relates to this. I know how much you all value bonus points).

‘Tired before you start’ would not generally be considered the best state in which to approach a four-gigs-in-four-nights-a-thon by many, but I spit in the face of such bourgeoisie hen-cluck received wisdom. Shattered I was and shattered I advanced, over to The Sunflower Lounge on Sunday the 19th.

I was expecting a three band bill, but it transpired that Parisians Petrified had been added to the gig. They did initially seemed a bit wearisome but grew on me fast. Made up of a vocalist, a guitarist and a box o’ tricks playing digital grind stuff, they really packed a punch in a way that a lot of bands only wish they did. The glitchy beats were bought forward (whether this was deliberate or just the sound on this particular night I don’t know) and it gave the whole thing a hell of a wallop. Their songs also seemed to have something in the way of hooks, too. Good good.

The wonderful Calvados Beam Trio were on second. They had some technical troubles and by the looks of their faces weren’t themselves happy with their set, but I was happy. Excellent post-punk instrumental business, very noodly but without sounding like wankers, and with an unusual but insistent type of groove about them. I like the one that goes ‘buh buh buh-buh do-do buh-buh.’ That’s most of them, actually. Cracking band, though – go and see them.

Trencher are also always a pleasure. Grind with added deliberately crappy keyboard sounds and (oncemore) songs with hooks. They have such a dense sound, thick and viscous. Luvverly.

Bilge Pump‘s name didn’t inspire massive confidence, but they turned out to be very good. Grooving post punk ala Gang of Four meeting… yes, I’ll say it: Funkadelic. Not a band I find myself referencing too often when talking about the underground rock bands of our times, but (happily) here we are. The drummer was an absolute star and they had plenty of interesting riffs, but alas I didn’t get the full experience as I had to bugger off halfway through to get the bus. Definitely a band to investigate further, though.

~ Russ L



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