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I think it was J.P. Sartre who said that “Hell is other people. Other people with stupid fringes.”

Posted in Music by Russ L on 21 February, 2006

Monday the twentieth saw me heading to Edwards No. 8 in Birmingham. It’s less a tacky rock club and more some sort of hyperreal symbol of a tacky rock club. On this night it was made even less appealing by the fact that it was full of younguns with their bleedin’ haircuts on ’em. There was a unnervingly glassy atmosphere in the air, like an update of ‘The Stepford Wives’ where instead of a woman you get a MySpace top eight.

Things didn’t get any more human when Break The Sky took to the stage. “My God! They’re more beatdown section than man!” Someone described them to me beforehand as ‘Every Time I Die-esque metalcore, but with loads of breakdown parts” and I honestly wouldn’t be able to put it more accurately than that (there was an ETID cover in the middle, incidentaly). I wouldn’t say they were bad, as such, but they definitely didn’t strike me as anything special. They had some supporters, though, and a bit of out-of-time-with-the-music hardcore dancing took place.

Given what I’d been told about them I was interested to see Rolo Tomassi, but I wasn’t actually expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. The ever-looming spectre of technical difficulties hamstrung the earlier part of their set, but once they built up a bit of momentum they were good. Grind incorporating electronic inflections (maybe distantly akin to The Locust meeting the noisy bits of The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg) and a nice sense of dynamics – there’s a tangible yet wonderfuly unpredictable feeling of build-up and bang in their music. I can imagine that they might come across as a bit annoyingly wacky with repeated listens, but as far as this set goes I thought they were corking.

I didn’t think much of The Final Sigh. Post-hardcore type larks with some noisecore funny-rhythm bits here and there, but not a lot in the way of songs or interesting moments. I was a fairly bored by the end of their set.

Last of all Horse The Band galloped onto the stage. They give off an almost immediately irritating aura of feeling so very very pleased with themselves, but make up for it with good music. Sometimes like melodic metalcore and sometimes thrashy punk, but always with the comical keyboards (as an aside: A mate of mine was listening to ‘Cutsman’ and was joined in the room by his flatmate just in time to hear the keyboards at the start. “Bloody hell!” Exclaimed said flatmate. “I didn’t know they’d made a musical out of the film ‘Tron’!”) and an adrenaline blast of energy. Their songs to vary in quality a bit (most are good, some are amazing, a small handful are fairly forgettable) but on the whole theirs was a cracking set.

I was glad to get out of the place nonetheless. Standing amongst a bunch (feel free to leave suggestions for a collective noun as comments) of plastic MySpace things can get a bit tiresome.

~ Russ L


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  1. mig said, on 22 February, 2006 at 2:47 pm

    a top eight?
    a fringe?
    a great target for a flamethrower?

  2. James said, on 23 February, 2006 at 11:25 am

    We’re in each other’s Top 8’s, is that good?!

  3. Russ L said, on 23 February, 2006 at 12:33 pm

    I’ve never changed mine, it’s just as it came.

    Well, I did once, but only because someone had a silly pouting photo that was upsetting me.

    I’m thinking ‘armpit’ for the collective noun. One fringebie, two fringebies, an armpit of fringebies.

  4. James said, on 23 February, 2006 at 8:10 pm

    I put you in my top 8, i think that counts as a good thing. A gaggle perhaps?

  5. Russ L said, on 23 February, 2006 at 8:51 pm

    Awwww. I’m touched.

    Right, just need to get my hair done now then.

  6. betty said, on 11 March, 2006 at 10:11 am

    Sorry I’ve gone back to this post, but (“a pensioner writes”) I’m disturbed to see that Edward’s No. 8 is still around as I assumed it would have been demolished and turned into a car park by now. We used to go to the club night on Fridays which was a hugely depressing experience – the top floor was indie and the basement was goth/metal. You used to spend all your time going up and down the stairs trying to escape from Guns ‘n’ Roses or the Wedding Present (er, not literally). One of my abiding memories is of someone who worked there throwing a bucket of ice cubes over a goth couple who had been canoodling for hours. I presume the carpets haven’t been cleaned since then.

    Oh, and, of course, thanks for the mention!

  7. Russ L said, on 11 March, 2006 at 11:52 am

    Not that I wish to appear unsympathetic, but I’ve long since felt that people who go to rock discos deserve whatever misfortune they get.

    The place has carpets? I’ve never studied the floors (ignorance of what you’re stepping in can be bliss, sometimes) but I’d nonetheless failed to notice that I was walking on carpet. I can only conclude that they’ve grown some sort of carapace, reminiscent of floorboards.

    ~ Russ L

  8. Groncho Mofo said, on 21 January, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    “I’m disturbed to see that Edward’s No. 8 is still around as I assumed it would have been demolished and turned into a car park by now.”

    how prophetic. sort of. anyone know whats going to happen with the ruins of eddies?

    i liked the final sigh at this gig. horses, courses.

    ha ha horses! very apposite.

  9. Russ L said, on 21 January, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Whoiiii, that post is a blast from the past.

    Do I know you, sir? Whichever way up, you prompted me to go on a little search and discover this comedy:

    Good name of incinerated rock disco besmirched SHOCKER! Student rebels and under-age drinkers furious!


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