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I got 99 problems but a blog ain’t one (hit me)

Posted in Blogstuff by Russ L on 9 January, 2006

Here we are, then. I’ve spent the last few days transferring most of the posts over from my former blog, under the auspices of I’ve left a few out that didn’t seem worth bringing over, but even with that notwithstanding I’d like to make sure everyone is aware that my opinions then do not necessarily correspond to my opinions now.

The actual straw that broke the camel’s back with Diaryland (I didn’t bring that post over, but here’s an excerpt:“It seems that the brain-in-a-jar running Diaryland has taken it upon itself to alter various bits of punctuation to question marks in my older blog entries.
I would contact Diaryland and ask them wha’blow, but their tech support has proved about as useful as a fishnet condom in all of my previous attempts to communicate with them.”
) turned out not to be their problem – I’ve since seen the same thing on a few websites, and it appears to be something to do with the Firefox browser I’ve now started using. I have had myriad little problems with them over the last couple of years, though, and I was thinking about switching to something with more features anyway.


The thing that I’m both intrigued about and dreading is the ‘comments’ feature over here. I’m also excedingly surprised that I’ve already had three people leave comments, non of whom I actually know. That was the last thing I expected. It seems that the days of this being read exclusively by 3-4 people I know (and then only on a semi-regular basis) is over. I think better writing is needed, and fast. I’ll work very hard from now on.

Ah, nuts to it.

~ Russ L



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