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Who’s The Man With That Dance? Me. Clearly, it’s me.

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 10/4/5.

I’m getting a bit behind with this. It’s been a strange few days, though. This was more-or-less written but not posted earlier in the week.

Monday the 4th of July (Whoosh, bang, fireworks etc), anyway – Snoop Dogg at the NEC. I hadn’t been there for ages (research tells me a year and a few days earlier to see Usher was the last time my face graced the space). All of my recent arena-goings have been to the NIA.

I got there, and I purchased drinks. A-thinking that the queues later would be horrendous, I decided to get four nearly-a-pint bottles of lager at once. I asked the bloke behind the counter if I’d be able to take the bottles onto the arena floor. “Yeah,” he said. No equivocation, no possibility for misunderstanding; just “yeah.”

I get in there and naturally it turns out he’s a liar whose life and dreams I hope are despoiled in the most hideous fashion possible, and they’re insisting on pouring all bottles into plastic glasses. F’n typical. I had to do the ‘carrying four plastic glasses (plastics?) in two hands’ thang-thang. I didn’t spill a drop, amazingly, but there were some hairy moments. Thank god I didn’t have to step over anything (anyone who knows me will tell you my normally dodgy sense of spatial awareness gets yet worse when I have to manoeuvre both legs in turn over the top of something. I just have difficulty with that trick. Leave me alone).

I may appear to be going on at unreasonable length about a minor incident, but although I was drinking lager – I’m bitter. Drum roll puh-lease…

DJ Strapped (I think) was doing his fire ‘em up hip-hop DJ thing to begin with, before Roll Deep came on as (unannounced) supports. A nice surprise. They were handicapped a bit, with the volume seemingly not turned quite up and the house lights left on, but they garaged and grimed away undeterred and I quite liked their set. It all depends on what you view the purpose of gigging to be, I suppose – although I didn’t have my jaw dropped by their performance itself, I was really enjoying some of their riddims and it all left me wanting to hear the album. Judging by the number of times they said “Buy the album” I can guess what they view the purpose of gigging to be.

Snoop’s set began with an intro video, in which a couple of girls got their boobs out and then he got to shoot some motherfuckers. I wish my life was like that. The set proper started with ‘Murder Was The Case.’

He did pretty much all of his classics – “Gin And Juice” was ace, as was “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “From Tha Chuuch To Tha Palace.” 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.”, too.

All the appropriate groove was there and no-one will argue that Snoop isn’t a cool figure. Other than saying that he overdid it a bit on the get-the-crowd-to-chant-along bits at times, though, I can’t think of a lot to say about this. Plenty o’ fun and a really good concert, I just don’t have anything else to add. You did get the drink-carrying anecdote though.

~ Russ L



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