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The Shape Of Punk At Present

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 11/7/5.

The week progressed with a couple of punk-type gigs. On Tuesday night (5/7/5) I went to The Bar Academy. I arrived in time to see the last few seconds of Mapatazi Bob. Oh well, another time.

It was ridiculously hot in there. Stupidly, painfully hot.

Templeton Pek were on next. Pretty dull typical emo-punk type stuff. Anguished singing. You know the sort of thing.

3dbs Down (and that actually said ‘3dbs’ out loud, so don’t go reading it as ‘3 Decibels Down.’ This sort of thing is important) were the main support. Poppy ska punk, and quite fun. Not an all-out amazing band or anything, but decent enough to watch.

I’m really bringing the detail today, aren’t I?

Adequate 7 were our headliners. I saw them a long long time ago and really liked them, bought their demo, and promptly forgot about them for a few years.

They had my admiration from the off by bringing big electric fans on stage (well… I assume they were fans. I couldn’t see them, but they conjured a bit of a breeze from somewhere) and pointing them at the audience. Given how hot I’ve already said it was, that’s the way to treat your public.

They mix up a few different styles, anyway – mostly they play skacore, but there are bits of funk and jazzy bits and allsorts. Bags and bags of energy, good songs, and good times. Heh. Corking band, anyway. I’ll try not to forget them again.

Thursday (7/7/5) was the day of the unfortunate events in London, and so at that night at Scruffy Murphy’s there was unsurprisingly a strange mood in the air. Brummies Laughing In The Face Of were on first, playing a technical pop-punk style. They reminded me of a more technical version of 10 Foot Pole at times, in fact. The ones they announced as being new songs sounded a lot better than the ones that are apparently older, and I came close to being convinced – apart from the singer’s voice. Sometimes British bands using American accents bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t, but at its worst it jibes with everything else I can see and hear and keeps me somehow detached from the music. Bertolt Brecht would probably approve, but I’m not sure I do.

Rhythmic Coughing (from Manchester) were very likeable. Melodic punk with bits of ska-punk here and there, good songs (I bought the CD and can confirm this) and a singer with a very interesting voice – rich and full of character. They gave the impression of being nice chaps, too.

Jolly Not So from Chester (I think) played pretty ordinary ska-punk with brass. Not bad as such, but I didn’t really hear anything interesting in them and I was slightly fed up by the end of their set.

The Klopeks, finally, weren’t on for very long due to the time. Twenty minutes of glorious rock ‘n’ roll is better than none at all. Despite (or perhaps because of? No, I doubt that) the brevity of their set I do feel like it was one of the best times I’ve seen them. I think it was probably a matter of welcoming with open arms a band who could communicate joy and life on that of all days.

~ Russ L



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