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The mid-week before last

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 24/9/5.

More gigs. Always more gigs. On wednesday the 14th of September I went to The Sunflower Lounge to see Snowblood, Knives and Montana. All three of them were bands by whom I’d heard the odd few recorded bits ‘n’ bobs and – while not disliking them – not been entirely blown away, but it’s not like I have anything else particularly worthwhile to do with my time.

The downstairs bar at The ‘Flower was serving Guinness in tall glasses. Each pint took quite the age to settle. Bizarre.

Montana, anyway, I quite liked. I’ve heard them compared to Will Haven many a’time, and that’s a good starting point – they do have that churning style of riffing. Beyond that they incorporate some of the chiming-guitar-to-hyperfast thing of your spazzy/spraggetcore bands. Quite likeable.

Knives were alright-ish. Their first couple of songs were in the style of spazzy/spraggetcore/Iwanttobeametrosexualcore but more consistantly pedal-to-the-floor and noisy. The latter couple seemed to be more everyday chiming-and-jangly-escalating-to-noisy post rock, with a bit of hollerin’ over the top.

Weegies Snowblood were enjoyable. Neurosis-y, really sounding quite massively destructive at times. The frontman’s taunting of people sitting down was funny at first and less so after he’d been doing it a while, but at least his accent wasn’t too strong (if there’s one UK accent I have trouble with it’s Glasweigan). I can’t think of a fat lot more to say, but they were good.

Thursday the fifteenth I met with my old homespoon Prattman for a night of pre-birthday (his) festivities. After a trip to The Big Wok to eat the customary ‘slightly more than you wanted,’ it was over to The Academy for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals gig.

Cantaloop were already on stage when we arrived. They were a fun hip hop/jazz/funk mix and all about the energy. Some good songs, a great frontman, an out of place looking saxophonist (emo people aren’t supposed to be able to play grooving music. It’s just not right), and they seemed to win a fair few people over. I’d definitely be keen to hear more.

FLC were great, although in some ways their performance was slightly overshadowed by a spot of bother. Huey was wearing a patch over one eye, which I had initially assumed was just a bit of silliness/showmanship. It turns out he managed to get into a fight the night before and had suffered a bit of an injury. One ghoulish soul towards the front wanted to see it and kept heckling to that effect, much to Huey’s annoyance. It eventually ended up with a “You know what? Fuck it” and a threat of walking off and/or battering the offender. Fortunately calmer ideas prevailed.

There are few bands cooler, anyway, and Fast’s ability to play the keyboard and the horn at the same time is something I will never get tired of seeing. They played everything you wanted them to (“Scooby Snacks” was surprisingly dispensed with mid-set rather than as an ending, and we got “10th Street,” “Love Unlimited,” “King Of New York” and all the other ones you love), and covers of “Foxy Lady” and “Let’s Stay Together” as well as the customary “We Have All The Time In The World.” Fantastic band, fantastic set.

~ Russ L



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