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Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 2/7/6.

Bah, getting behind with this again.

Sunday night I went to one of the Puke Fanzine (delighful) punk nights at The Market Tavern. The amount of wandering around Digbeth I needed to find the actual pub fell into the ‘could have been better, could have been worse’ category. The place itself was not entirely the dump I was expecting. Not lovely, obviously, but certainly not the sawdust-on-the-floor job I was anticipating.

Nuclear Babies were the opening band, and I didn’t think much of them. Very ploddy straightforward punk, with no life to them and no songs sounding particularly good. They covered ‘Sweet Transvestite’ from Rocky Horror, which is a good idea in theory. The more I think about it the more I’m amazed that I’ve never seen anyone else do that one, actually.

The Klopeks were on second, and my main reason for going. I’ve waxed approvingly about this lot many a time before, but it’s only fair since they have the decency to go and be one of the best local bands about (albeit one I don’t seem to go and see very often. We’ll have to try and rectify this). I still get the impression that only too often they’re still tarred with the ska-punk tarring-stick, even though their music doesn’t have a fat lot to do with that any more. I suppose it is a bit quicker than “slightly swingy, brass’n’keyboard heavy punk ‘n’roll” though.

Anyway, this time they were struggling against the muddy sound a bit (it wasn’t perfect all night, but the other bands – having less going on, sonically speaking – suffered less in comparison), but still got my Band Of The Night honours. You’ve got good songs and you’ve got energy and I don’t know quite what else you’d want.

The Kirkz were next, sounding on the night like Rancid meeting Gold Blade, perhaps. Maaaaybe. A more rock ‘n’ rolly Rancid, anyway. The tracks I’ve since heard by virtue of t’internet don’t really sound anything like that at all, so I don’t know what to tell you really. Presumably I’m a mong. They were filled with energy and what I suspect could be good songs if they got a few more listens, so hurrah. The singer was fairly charismatic, too. He asked me what my name was. I told him. He thought I said ‘Woof.’ That would be a bloody fantastic nickname.

I left after them, anyway. The Dead Pets were yet to play (they and The Kirkz were on tour) and I’m told they were very good, but I was pished and needed a lie down.

Wednesday I was supposed to go and see Akon at The Academy, but his tour was cancelled. At the time of writing there has been no mention of this on his website, and no reason given – the tourdates have just been removed. Obviously the Akon camp hold nothing but care and respect for his European fans.

Thursday night I went to see Al Green, and unsurprisingly it was fantastic. I’ll get to that in my next offering.

~ Russ L


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