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Last weekend

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 25/9/5.

The morning of Saturday the 17th of September saw me going to the Midlands Arts Centre for “Walk With Me,” a series of walks around Cannon Hill Park with a guide and audio accompaniment on headphones. There were three, but I had an ‘orrible cold so I only did the ‘Woodland Walk.’ Aside from some shimmery mood-setting music, there were four voices in the headphones – a man speaking of the girl he’d lost (possibly in the woods or possibly just in general), a girl speaking of slipping further away (possibly the lost girl above), a young man talking about how jogging in the woods makes him feel, and a child describing what he can see and how he would like to play. The guide was silent all the way through, but periodically did something (I was most overjoyed when he gave me some bread to feed the ducks with). It was sweet in places, eerie in others, and overall wonderfully fun and relaxing.

On Sunday 18/9/5 I went to Scruffy Murphy’s for what a gig that I thought was Mistress/Sweet Seduction/Exploder. It turned out to be quite different. The evening was enlivened by me bumping into my old homesaucepan Prattario on the way and meeting his new(ish) beau Gem when there, and also by Drunk o’ Mistress’ new haircut. He now looks even more like Rolf Harris.

We arrived to Jilted Generation (Big Sean’s new Prodigy tribute band) already on stage. Tribute bands, pfah. Obviously the Prodigy’s songs are good songs, and they were performed well and energetically so it was quite fun, but I still fail to see the purpose of the exercise.

Nog turned out to be on second. A guitarist and a drummer doing instrumental Meshuggah type stuff, although more groove-based than brutal. I found them very enjoyable, with songs you could easily get carried away with/in, and the guitarist qualifying for one of the best frontmen I’ve seen who doesn’t actually say anything by dint of his face-pulling.

Sweet Seduction (formerly known as The Wild Roses) were good, albeit not quite as jaw-dropping as the last time I saw them. Rrrrrrrrrrrock ‘n’ rrrrrrroll, Backyard Babies style. They had a decent cover of akka-dakka’s “Whole Lotta Rosie,” and their own songs seem really good to. I’m going to have to see about getting the CD at some point.

This was the first time I’d seen the frequently vaunted Exploder. I was always in two minds about the recorded bits I’d heard – I liked the songs, but the vocals sounded like a priapic wildebeest. Live, the vocals are still like a priapic wilderbeast, but this time I mean it in a good way. Shorn of this little annoyance the songs can take their rightful position as heavy metal monsters. I’m not going to do the stupid egzdreme zpelling thing though.

I had to go halfway through their set, due to bus times ‘n’ such. Need I re-iterate my frequent complaint about gigs that run late, or are you willing to take it as a given?

~ Russ L



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