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John Peel Night

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 18/10/5.

And so Thursday the 13th of October, the first anniversary of the great man’s death, was designated John Peel Day. Gigs were held all around the country in remembrance; various local promoters joined together to put one on at The Jug Of Ale, with the proceeds going to Shelter.

Straight from work I went; over to meet my old homecolander Prattman, and into his friendly local Wetherspoons. From there we advanced on The Jug.

We arrived there to find bowls of free chewy sweeties on the tables, and on this occasion I found them difficult to resist. An ubersweet chocolate brownie from Capsule’s Famous Cake Stall was also subsequently consumed, with the net effect of me feeling quite sick. I survived though, as you may be surprised to learn.

There was allsorts going on, anyway. DJs were DJing in the bar, the usual upstairs gig room had amplified bands, and a little room in the back (that I’d never seen before) had acoustic artistes. The times for everyone were there in black and white on bits of paper stuck to the walls, and I still managed to get confused. Hurrah for me.

The first artiste we saw any of was Ben Calvert in the acoustic room. I was looking forward to seeing him, since I’ve heard good things in the past, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. There wasn’t anything wrong with his music by any means, but nothing particularly stood out either – voice, guitar-playing, charisma etc. He did seem to intimate that he normally plays backed by a double-bass player, though, so perhaps he gets more interesting when there’s a bit more going on. I’ll not cast him aside for the time being.

Mike In Mono was the first artiste upstairs, playing deliberately low-tech electro with breakbeats and cheap keyboard sounds. Fun music. There’s not much to say about it beyond that I liked his set, and his Streetfighter samples. If I see him again in a more drunken state there’s a fair chance that dancing might occur.

I saw Harpies a couple of years ago and thought they were OK-ish (not worthy of all the knocking they get, but nothing particularly exciting either). Their set on this evening changed my mind. They play Raging Speedhorn-come-Defenestration styled stuff, but with a fantastic mix of melody and muscle. They sound dark, which they didn’t last time.

Mistress then did as Mistress always do and blew the roof off the place.
Great night.

~ Russ L



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