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Inside and outside the torn apart

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 23/7/5

Monday! I went to see Napalm Death on monday (the 18th), at Birmingham’s Academy 2. I missed Diecast and any other supporting acts there may have been.

I enjoyed The ‘Deff more than I expected to, really. I’m not a devoted acolyte (I’ve never seen them before, and own only ‘Scum’ and ‘Inside The Torn Apart’), and if I’m honest I was perhaps expecting to enjoy the beginning of their set and get bored as they went on. Oh, the cynic. This was not the case.

They had a lot of energy about them, enough to keep them sounding captivating throughout. I know some folk have a Pavlovian response to find blastbeats and certain types of riffing energetic, but Napalm managed to convey a sense of it even to me. It’s always good to hear a big band with proper accents, too. Highlights for me were “Breed To Breathe,” “The Code Is Red, Long Live The Code” (both taking on almost anthemic qualities), and the Cryptic Slaughter cover (I don’t know the name). Finishing by twenty-past-ten is also A Good Thing if you ask me.

~ Russ L



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