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Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 6/6/12.

Destiny’s Child! I love DC3.

In what is a (depressingly) common occurrence of late, I missed any support acts that there may have been. Mario was supposed to open but pulled out; who may or may not have been there I really don’t know. Solange?

I got to, anyway, at just gone quarter past eight, and joined the big ol’ queue to buy drinks. I was still standing in line when, at about twenty-five past eight, it became apparent that Destiny’s were starting. 20:25 for the headline act! Madness.

I missed ‘Say My Name’ (well… I could hear it, but I couldn’t see it), but I got my drinks, I got in, and got my seat. My fantastic seat. Originally, a long time ago when I first bought my ticket, I would’ve been somewhere else. I’m not going to go into the awkwardness (“You know I’m not gonna diss you on the interne-e-e-et…”) but the seat I actually had was amazing – Block B, row T, seat 18, if you know the NIA. Centre block directly in front of the stage, an aisle seat, and (by arena standards) extremely close. I had a fantastic view.

Yes, a fantastic view. Let’s get the perviness out of the way. They’re gorgeous, of course they are. There were a plethora of hot dancers. I liked the lady ones.

So what did we get? Most of what you would want them to, really – I don’t think they missed any of the big tunes. I’m glad they did “No, No, No (Part 2),” as I often feel that’s one of their more underrated singles. I actually realized as they were doing it how much I like “Survivor” – it really is one of my favourite songs. Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” was massive, and the big finale of “Lose My Breath” was even bigger. I was glad that they did “Through With Love,” as that is one of my favourites from the new album.

The internal politics of DC3 are always interesting. No-one should be surprised that Beyonce got more solo time than both Michelle and Kelly combined. That isn’t even news. The reflection of the extent to which they remain good little Christian girls was amusingly reflected, though. When they switched to the brown ‘n’ black dresses, Michelle’s (the only one of the three to have notable religious content on her solo album) had a nice round neck. Kelly’s had a low ‘v.’ Beyonce’s had a Veeeeeeeeeee…

Fantastic, fantastic concert, anyway, probably even better than the first time I saw them.

~ Russ L



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