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Couple more gigs, no detail

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted 31/7/5.

Two more gigs and nothing particular to report from either other than that they were generally good, so this’ll be brief enough.

Tuesday the 26th was the last day of the Beecher/Mistress/Malkovitch tour, at the Bar Academy in Birmingham. I missed Malkovitch from Holland, which is a shame as I’m told they were good.

Mistress were great as they generally are – even at their least they’re noisy fun. An enthusiastic pit developed (first time I’ve seen it for them, and according to them the first time they’ve ever had one in Birmingham). I took part. I hurt my face. Massive fun nonetheless.

I’ve seen Beecher twice (well… one-and-a-half) times before, and thought they were alright but I’ve never been overwhelmed by them. I still can’t come to a definite decision because by this point of Tuesday night I was really, really pissed. I stood facing in Beecher’s general direction and listened, but didn’t take to much in. In so much as I did I liked them, probably more than before. I wouldn’t consider my opinion by that point to be worth much, though, dunno about you. Maybe I should give up on this ‘trying to see Beecher live’ lark and try to hear an album or something.

Thursday the 28th I went to see Editors at the Academy 2. I was working till eight, and as such expected to have missed all of the support acts by the time I got into Birmingham. I was surprised, therefore, to arrive in time to see the last few songs of !Forward Russia!’s set. Irritatingly punctuated name aside, I quite liked them. Funk-punk stuff as is ever so fashionable, but with what sounded like a few good songs. The singers yelping voice was a teensy bit wearying, though, and listening to what they have on their website it’s completely unbearable when recorded.

Editors, now bone fide chartbustin’ supahstars, played a great set. They’re simply a good band who play good songs, and there’s not a fat lot to say beyond that. Or, more accurately, I can’t be bothered to say a fat lot more than that right now.

~ Russ L



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