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A week in the life of a… hang on, what am I?

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 11/6/5.

So, since last week’s (bloody amazing) Destiny’s Child gig, I have actually been out a few times.

Tuesday… oh lord. On the bus to work on Tuesday morning I saw in The Metro newspaper that KRS-ONE was supposed to be playing at The Medicine Bar in the Custard Factory ‘tomorrow night.’ I knew this wasn’t right, since I was already aware that those good folks at Capsule Promotions had Oxes playing in that venue on that night. A spot of research on the internets suggested that, maybe, it was actually that (tuesday) night. A couple of people confirmed it for me (although I hadn’t seen any advertising at all for the gig, apparently there were some posters in student areas. Nowhere else, but I’m told the studenty regions of Brum had some) and so I was ready to go.

Except that I didn’t. I arranged to meet my ol’ homespatula Trig at the pub over my ends, en route to going into Birmingham for the gig. I didn’t actually get as far as town. I’m really annoyed with myself now (I missed KRS bleeding ONE for god’s sake), but there we go. I just wish I’d known about it before the actual day – I would have probably bought a ticket, which would have (more or less) ensured that I would have actually gone.

Oh well.

The following night proved this, in a vague way. I didn’t feel like going out at all, but I’d bought a ticket for the The Explosion gig at The Academy 2, and so I had to really. Off I went, therefore.

I got there at about twenty-past eight, and there weren’t too many people there. “Still fairly early, though, plenty of time for more to turn up” I thought. A few more did, but that was it. I was expecting the Dwarves’ gig in the same venue a couple of months earlier to be packed and it had a small crowd, but this was even more extreme in both directions. They’re supposed to be a really hyped band, aren’t they? In a way it’s sort of good that people aren’t always believing all of the hype that they’re fed, but in this case it’s a shame that a good band (which they are) played to a mostly empty venue. At the Flapper or something the crowd would have been alright…

The other thing about the crowd was the age. As a 23 year old I hate feeling like one of the few teachers on the school trip to the rock gig.

Local openers Lost In Victory had already started as I arrived, anyway. They played punk in a vaguely Snuff-like style, but I didn’t really hear any songs or anything in particular worth bothering with. They went down well, though (a fair proportion of the crowd gave the impression of being their mates, but a lot of those who didn’t seem to also appeared to like them), so what do I know eh?

Turn Cold from Brighton were the main support (it was originally advertised as being Five Knuckle, but I gather they’re splitting up). They played that very fast/short song-ed old school hardcore thing, maybe like a less melodic version of Carry On (I think they actually did a Carry On cover. At this many days removed I’m not completely sure I remember that rightly, though…). I quite liked them, anyway. The trouble is that I’m fairly sure I only quite liked them because they seemed like a change – at The Academy and on the bill of what was essentially a melodic punk gig they were quite out of place and seemed (in a way) refreshing. I do get the feeling that I would have said “OK at best” if I’d seen them in the sort of circumstances in which you might normally expect to see a band like that.

The Explosion were good. The sound wasn’t great (it hadn’t really struck me before – I wouldn’t realistically expect an opening act at an Academy gig to have decent sound, and I didn’t really notice with Turn Cold as you rarely get a chance to hear a band of their style in perfect clarity) and there was nothing particularly special about their performance, but they have some absolutely cracking Rancid-esque songs and they delivered them well. Fair play to them for not pulling a diva fit and moaning about the small crowd, too – I sort of expected them to, but then again maybe I have completely the wrong idea about the band. I enjoyed their set, anyway.

Thursday I went to Chiquito with my ol’ homefishslice Maxi. I love Chiquito. I haven’t been for a long, long time (more than a year-and-a-quarter) so I was absolutely chuffed to be there again. Good food and good company for an evening – you can’t ask for a lot more really, can you?

~ Russ L



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