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27 (2) 5/9/5

Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 January, 2006

Originally posted on 11/9/5.

Right. I will sit here and write. Right. I want to get this done, because I’m beginning to get another pile of 381 gigs not yet waffled about.

Monday the fifth of September I met up with my old homeladle Prattman to go to see 27, Mothertrucker and Haddonsfield Illinois at The Jug of Ale.

I found Haddonfield Illinois to be somewhat on the boring side, playing a very repetitive distorted synth drone. The repetition didn’t serve to create a groove or a trance-like state, and gave off no impression at all other than that of them trying to get the most mileage possible out of precious few ideas. The po-faced seriousness with which it was delivered also irked me a bit, too – other than the central synth player they all (even the little albino looking fella they had hidden under the table) gave off a pompous air of “This is very important. This is serious art. I didn’t get a hurrumph outta that guy…”

Probably ace on precisely the right combination of drugs, though.

I feel like I’ve spoken about Mothertrucker 381,789 times in a very short space of time so I won’t go on here other than to say that it was probably the joint-best time I’ve seen them alongside the April gig at The Flapper with legion Of Doom.

I was looking forward to 27 very, very much. They sounded much, much rockier than the last time I saw them and than they are on record. I’m not fully sure whether or not that was their aim or just an accident of sound, though – since the vocals (Maria’s gorgeous, gorgeous vocals) were a fair bit quieter than they really should have been for a fair bit of the set I’m led to wonder.

The comparison I’ve taken to using to describe them (ordinarily) is ‘a bit like Portishead, but country rather than urban.’ They were much more rock this time, but very good nonetheless. I’m not a musicianship fan (in and of itself) but I do appreciate little inventive touches like using a triangle for slide guitar, or using a bottleneck over your finger for percussive purposes. Maria the singer is the thinnest person in the world, though, and that includes anorexics and re-animated skeletons. Scary. Great band nonetheless.

~ Russ L



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