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Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 17/3/5.

Tuesday the 15th of March, Nas at the Academy, oh yes. There was a heavy police presence outside – loads of coppers and dog men all over the place. I didn’t see any trouble occurring myself. I wanted to hurt someone when I saw the queue to get in, though. If you know the area, it ran back under the bridge and as far as the NCP carpark next door to Scruffy Murphy’s (that’s a pub, not a jeer at an Irishman). Surprisingly enough the gig wasn’t absolutely jam-packed full, but everyone was getting a full pat-down on the way in and so I assume that caused the delay.

No support had been announced (as far as I knew), so it was a nice surprise to find Kano and his sidemen on stage when I finally got in. The crowd seemed a bit muted, but having seen him twice now I think I’m safe in saying I like him. ‘Typical Me’ is a great tune. Album coming?

Hip hop gigs, I wish to say, are great. The specific reason why they are great is that the bar never seems to be quite as packed as at other comparable gigs.

Seanie B from one extra did the MC-ing around the big tunes between sets. Pharoah Monche’s “Simon Says” got a huge pop from the crowd, more so than a lot of much ‘bigger’ songs. We’ve got good taste here in the Midlands.

Nas was great. Beforehand I had the fear that there might be a bit too much messiah-complex faffing about, but blessedly it was the humble version of Nas Escobar who turned up this night. Solid groove and plenty of energy were shown, with a great version of ‘If I Ruled The World’ and an absolutely roof-blowing-off ‘Made You Look’ – never have I seen the ENTIRE crowd sing/rap along to EVERY word of a song at a hip-hop gig before.

– Russ L



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