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Woks, Jugs and other kitchenware

Posted in Food, Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 5/5/5.

A trip out to the Jug Of (Watered Down) Ale in south Birmingham was suggested, with my ol’ homeskillet Prattman (who has just moved down to those ends). Their ‘Quids In’ night every wednesday (pound to get in and pound a pint with two bands on) was the source of the attraction.

In keeping with the inexpensive theme of the night, the evening began with a visit to The Big Wok in town. I’d never been there before, but they do a great all-you-can-eat chinese buffet for a mere £8.95. Nice, and I’m sure I’ll end up there again sometime.

Later on, at The Jug Of Watered Down Ale itself (I think I may well start calling it the JOWDA)… I was pleased with the fact that it wasn’t as heavily populated as I expected. A pound a pint indie night in an area with a lot of students? I forsaw it being busy to start with and absolutely packed by the end, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. On the night it turned out to be practicaly empty when we got there (the upstairs gig room, this is) and, while certainly busy, not absolutely heaving by the finish. Good good.

The £1 pints were awful, as one might fairly expect. Take a venn diagram of every liquid in the world, start in ‘water,’ and move the tiniest, tiniest distance towards ‘lager.’ There you have it. For a pound, though, who can complain?

Well, I can. And will. But that’s me.

Science Of The Stars were the first band on. They bored me. Instrumental post-rock, as so so so many bands these days are. They have loud bits followed by quiet chiming bits going into quiet jangly bits then back to loud bits in the same way as all the others of their ilk. No riff or melody anywhere in their set caught my attention. El Pratto didn’t mind them, though.

I’d heard plenty of good things about Distophia prior to this, but I’d never actually seen or heard them. I enjoyed their set a lot. Comparisons that come to mind are The Pixies and the song-based end of Sonic Youth, but basically all you need to know is that they play guitar-pop songs in a noisy way. And they’re very good.

~ Russ L



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