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Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 18/4/5.

Rotten mood lately. If I’ve snapped at you or anything recently… well, you shouldn’t have bloody well bothered me to begin with.

I went to see I Am Kloot (supported by Cranebuilders) at The Academy 2 on Monday the eleventh. I got free tickets for reviewing it for, so go and have a look over there if you particularly want to read my thoughts.

I was meant to go and see Terrorvision at The Academy on Wednesday the thirteenth, but I managed to fall asleep at home before the gig, waking up far too late to go. My own fault and bloody annoying.

Saturday night (the sixteenth) I went to see Mel C, at the Academy 2. Yes, the Academy 2. Why she didn’t play the venue’s larger room is beyond me. The only thing I can possibly think of is that she (or someone) sees this as a ‘paying your dues’ type thing, by playing smaller venues. Nonsense, of course, but some people think like that. If that was the intention, anyway, she could have always played at Scruffy Murphy’s just down the road…

In what is becoming a depressingly regular occurrence of late, I missed the support act (‘Countermine,’ whoever they might be). Mel herself is much prettier in real life than you would expect her to be (not that it’s important), and her music becomes much rockier than you might expect (I’m not really too surprised about that, though). It is a bit of a shame to consider that a lot of people wouldn’t even dream of going to this gig because it features an ex-Spice Girl, but would quite happily go to see a local melodic rock band who sound exactly the same apart from having a less charismatic frontperson and songs that aren’t as good.

Highlights, anyway… call me predictable (do it. That’s an order) but I’m going to have to go for “Never Be The Same Again” (which is, in itself, never the same again after you hear Juki Ranks’ version of it) and “Goin’ Down.” I’m not going to go mad with the praise, but it was an enjoyable gig.

Last night (Sunday the 17th) I went to see Mother Trucker, Legion Of Doom and Keiko’s Last Smile at the Flapper Firkin. I’ve been coerced into reviewing this one, too, so that should be up on The ‘Munion at some point (possibly, who knows?) next week. I don’t think I’ll mention KLS in that – they were playing acoustically (not their usual, I gather) and what may (or may not) have been their first gig, and hence crippled by nerves. It doesn’t seem too fair to blast them. Glowing reports will arrive for the other two, though.

~ Russ L



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