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Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 2/5/5.

Wisdom: When you’re getting distinctly irritated with 99.9% of everyone and everything you encounter, the best thing to do is…

If someone could complete that for me I’d be greatly obliged. I haven’t come up with anything good yet. Lord knows I’m beginning to need a Plan B for this ‘life’ lark.

Moan moan moan.

Sooooooooooo… since the last exciting instalment: I didn’t go to see New Idea Society, Johnny Foreigner an some other bands at Colmore’s Bar on Monday the 25th, mostly because I didn’t want to. I’m fed up of going to gigs for no other reason than to show support.

Naturally, I subsequently found out that only twenty paying punters did actually go to that gig, and the honest comrades putting it on lost a pile of cash. I felt quite bad about it all, then.

Friday I did go to see Flogging Molly at the Academy 2. I was working till 8pm and hence missed both support acts (The Briefs and The Dead Pets) and the start of Flogging Molly’s set, although I suspect only about half of the first song.

It was bu-u-u-usy. I didn’t know it was sold out till I got there; once I was inside I saw it was very sold out. Couple that with the fact that it was a warm day and the large number of people having a little dance (shall they), and the air was unpleasantly humid.

Flogging Molly themselves, anyway: it’s one of those gigs that was absolutely fantastic (and oh, how fantastic it was) and I very much enjoyed, but I can’t think of a fat lot to say about it. I was amazed (and for some reason faintly pleased) to find that their frontman is actually an Irish émigré to America, rather than an American who wants to be Irish (as I previously thought). The band radiated an infectious sense of energy (hence all the dancing), and highlights included ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ ‘Tobacco Island,’ ‘The Wrong Company’ and ‘Within A Mile Of Home.’

So there you go.

~ Russ L



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