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Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 32/12/4.

I was in a really good mood in terms of things relating to other people. Despite my jury duty (something that one would generally expect to fill you with less-than-great feelings towards your fellow man, I suppose. I’ll be writing some general thoughts on the experience sometime soon, on the remote chance that anyone might be interested) I was feeling very friendly and personable. All it takes, though, is one person to say something that my odd little mind takes exception to and, like a bolt of lightning, I’m restored to my more usual state. Guess what? They did, and I was. It’s annoying, because I don’t like feeling like this at Christmas.

Ah well. Everyone else be damned, I had a gig to go to. It was at the Flapper and it was the last ever performance of local pop-punk band Firefly, whom I’d never actually seen or heard before. Main support were The Klopeks, who are one of my favourite local bands and are always worth seeing (although I don’t actually manage it too often), and our openers for the evening were All Or Nothing, seen once before by me (co-incidentally also at The Flapper, with The Klopeks).

Entry was free, but near the door there was a sign politely requesting voluntary donations to help pay for the costs of putting on the gig. While I was fishing through my pocket to find change, a chap approached me and started going on (at length) about how rather than making a donation I could buy these two Firefly CDs for three quid, and that would be even better. I did – partly because it occurred to me that if they were splitting up they probably wanted to get rid of as many of these disks as possible, but mostly just to stop him talking. That didn’t work.

All Or Nothing, anyway, were already on. Pop-punk with a few heavier bits would be the short description. Last time I thought they were OK-ish, watch-able but nothing special. This time they bored me.

The Klopeks are of course always great, but whenever I come to write about them I always end up saying the same things – swing-ska-punk‘n’roll, huge sense of The Party and yet also a little bit of a melancholic undercurrent (not much, just enough to throw you off balance a tiny little bit), actual good songs (this seems to be a novel concept, but they have songs that you can remember after they’ve finished playing them, probably a result of them not just following every standard cliché going and with actually having hooks rather than wooords streeetched ooooout in the chorus), great synchronised dancing…

I don’t want it to seem like I’m damning them with faint praise, but this was a great performance form a great band and that’s all there is to it really. Go and see them if you get the chance.

I left after that – I’d really had enough of being amongst people. I haven’t listened to those Firefly CDs yet and so if they turn out to be amazing I’ll probably be kicking myself, but there y’have it.

Merry Christmas, ladies and gents. I do mean that.

– Russ L



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