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More gigs. Always more gigs.

Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 6/4/5.

I enjoy writing, but I enjoy it in an abstract way. I think I enjoy having written more than writing. This is despite most of what I write being utter crap. Ho hum.
Once again, anyway, I’m only now going on about what I did last week, mainly because I didn’t get around to it sooner.

Tuesday night I went to Colmore’s Bar to see The Seventh Cross and Broken Promise, a gig. The organising of this was apparently an absolute pain in the arse. The original headliners were to be American band Sex Positions, but visa troubles left them unable to enter the country and forced them to pull out a few days before. It doesn’t sound like it was their fault. The Permanent were supposed to be playing, but were kind enough to double-book themselves without telling anyone until a couple of days before. I don’t know the specifics but this one does sound like it was their fault.

On top of this, Colmore’s Bar (relatively new as a gig venue) lost their entertainment license the day before the concert, and therefore this only went ahead as a ‘private party.’ I didn’t know about this on the night – I assumed the lack of stage and PA trouble were just things we’d have to expect from the place, but it turns out various items and pieces of equipment had been removed.

They are, apparently, re-applying for the license, but gigs have had to be cancelled and it looks like another gig venue may have ‘done a Royal George.’ We’ll just have to see, I suppose.

Broken Promise, anyway. Metalcore bizzle, you know how the Slayer/At The Gates-with-beatdowns style goes. They were alright to watch, but I don’t know if I’d listen to them at home.

Funnily enough, that was exactly the same thing I said/thought the fist time I saw The Seventh Cross, about six months ago, and they do play music of a very similar style. This time I think I liked them a bit more – I’m still not really sure if they are a band who’s records I would have on all the time , but I did enjoy their set.

Thursday saw me toddle off down to The Medicine Bar (in The Custard Factory, in The Locale Of Digbeth, in The City Of Birmingham, in The County Of… and so on). I was happy to find, getting there, that they’ve renovated the toilets. I was less happy to learn that the ‘man playing at being toilet attendant’ rash has stretched this far. They’re bloody annoying anyway, never mind when in a room that isn’t a lot bigger than about five foot square.

I was at work till eight, anyway, so didn’t get there till about nine.

Openers Una Corda were about halfway through their set. You may think nine is quite late for an opening band of a three band bill to still be in the middle of their turn, and you’d be right. Capsule promoted gigs at The Custard Factory always seem to run late. It’s a bit of a bugger for those of us who use public transport. Or those of us who have work the next day. Or… most people, in fact.

Una Corda, anyway. They were OK. I wouldn’t say amazing, but not bad – the slowly-building-instrumental-rock isn’t beginning to feel a bit every man and his dog, just lately. They had a few technical problems, too, judging by one of them scrambling to fiddle with his effects peddles and by some of the looks they shot each other. Not bad, though.

Ramesses were the main support, and they rocked like… y’see, that’s where I’m stuck, because there aren’t really that many things that rock quite as much as Ramesses do. This is the third time I’ve seen them now, and they bring the serious headbanging fury as well as a touch of the space-out. The drummer, as ever, was the human equivalent of Animal from The Muppets. Is there a greater complement for a percussionist?

Red Sparowes provoked a response similar to Una Corda, really. Their music is all very nice but is very much “Of its type,” without the spark to elevate it into anything special. Their songs sweep around, swell to climaxes, ebb and peak, and sound like nothing you haven’t heard before. That’s not to say they’re bad, at all; I just wouldn’t say they were especially good.

I had to leave halfway through their set. It over-ran. Surprise.

Ramesses very much the live band of the week, then.

~ Russ L



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