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From the ridiculous to the sublime

Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 30/10/4.

Tuesday saw yet another gig at the delightful Royal George. I missed openers mynameislegion. I’m told they were really good, although I didn’t like them last time I saw them. What do I know though, eh?

Second on were Shooting Victor Francis. I wasn’t keen, particularly. ‘Spazzy’ has become the adjective of choice for hip folk to describe this sort of band, it seems, but I’m really of the opinion that the quiet slow bit/fast loud noisy random bit isn’t all that funny any more, especially when accompanied by the usual vocalist who sounds utterly tone deaf when attempting to actually sing. They hit a groove in the odd few places, but only the odd few. Since I don’t appreciate the aesthetics I’d like songs, and they weren’t there. They were nonetheless the best of the three bands I saw.

Tigers! were second, who I saw once previously and didn’t mind (despite being in a much worse mood than I was this time). This time they bored me, and I think that’s probably a much more sensible reaction to them. They’re like SVF, but with less of everything. Everything apart from a crap sense of humour, of course. “I’m mad, me!” silly hats and a guitarist ‘randomly’ mentioning Godzilla between each song. Yes son, you’re a student, we get it, move on.

Unit Ama were headlining and worse still. I’m not going to try and give a description of their music beyond the fact that they alternated noisy bits with bits that were presumably meant to be melodic, largely because I simply completely turned off after a while. A younger (and dare I say less cynical?) version of myself would hate me for not paying attention to every band I saw, but seriously – if you’re not going to do anything to make me like you, I’m not going to do anything to make myself like you.

There you go, anyway. That won’t rank too highly on the universal list of usefull gig write-ups, but people have told me in the past to not be so negative and in this instance the best/only way to do that will simply be to say less.

Wednesday night I went to the Walsall lights at Walsall Arboretum, which was huge fun. Blackpool Illuminations can stay up north, this is great. I enjoy it in some respect every year but this year I was with my young cousin Jasmine, the only child I actually like (I hate children. I very sincerely hate children), and having a little ‘un charging around like a dervish adds to the experience no end.

There has been wrestling watched since then, but I’ll leave that until the next exciting update of “Russell’s thrilling life.”

– Russ L



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