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“At the weekend everything will be OK…”

Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 13/3/5.

…So it seems that Friday night I went to see Mercury Rev. I bought my ticket a little while ago, but I had forgotten quite how much I liked some of the band’s stuff. In the run-up to the gig, I (unsurprisingly) had a little listen to the two albums of theirs that I have – “Yerself Is Steam” (which is alright) and “Deserter’s Songs” (which is bloody great). I was sitting in the spare room on the computer, but as both of them are taped copies they were playing on my stereo in my bedroom, turned up loud enough for me to hear. When “Goddess On A Highway” began I couldn’t help but let out an excited little “Yay!” and run in to listen to it properly. What a sweet story, eh?

Anyway, having to work till eight that night (and then get into Birmingham from Walsall) meant that I missed any support acts that may have been on (I gather The Duke Spirit played. The name seems naggingly familiar but in terms of specifics I got nothin’. I may make use of Google later) and the start of Mercury Rev’s set. Irritating, but there you go. Nothing can be done.

The ‘Rev themselves were… swirly. That really is the best adjective to describe their performance, I think. They conjure up a huuuuuge amount of sound, which gently but surely swirls around the room like a cloud of persuasive fairies. Jonathon Donahue is a one-of-a-kind frontman, coming across by turns as gentlemanly and really, really camp (“Thank you. This has been a wonderful way to spend an evening.”). The funniest moment came right at the end, when he slowly lowered his arms from his dramatic-hand-movements and stepped back from the mic… as the ordinary-geezer-in-a-band guitarist stepped up and mumbled “thanks, you’ve been great” and they all filed off. Made me laugh, anyway.

Last night (Saturday) I went to Trig ‘n’ Sarah’s engagement party, at The Merrivale in Langley. I’m not much of a party person, and so really this was a ‘show your face for an hour and go’ thing. I know that sounds terrible, but I’m really not a party person – I’m far too shy to mingle, and since I knew next to no-one there… you get me. I definitely wanted to show the happy couple my respects, though, so I did turn up even though they weren’t really expecting me to.

So there you have it. My exciting life.

– Russ L



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