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A gig I went to on Sunday the 23rd of January.

Posted in Music by Russ L on 7 January, 2006

Originally posted on 24/1/5.

By mid-December, I hadn’t been to a gig at The Flapper & Firkin for about nine months. Now, the last two I’ve been to have been there and the next two I intend to go to are there. Funny how life works out.

Bullgator (from Nuneaton) opened. I liked them very much. They were somewhat Melvins-y (the straightforward not-being-silly end of Melvins), with dashes of Clutch. They had a really thick, dense, bass-heavy sound, which I enjoyed greatly. Catchy riffs too, and loads of fun.

Mother Trucker (from Birmingham) were on in the middle. This lot are my favourite local discovery of recent times. My review of their demo will be there to read on soon, but in the meantime… they’re an instrumental band who bring some ace (if sometimes familiar-sounding) heavy blues-rock riffing to less traditional structures. They aren’t exactly a captivating lot onstage, so I don’t know if they’re a band you’d want to go and see all the time, but to see them this once and let the music wash over me was head-bobbing fun. For their last song (I forget the name, it’s the one that sounds like ‘Children Of The Grave’) they were joined by a chap in a loincloth and a Manowar vest on vocals, and it wasn’t really as funny as I suspect he would hope (but steadfastly deny hoping) it would be.

Raucous (from Manchester) headlined, and were quite the modern underground metal band. Droning bits, technical bits, slow-building bits, grinding bits… all the usual, and none of them were particularly exciting. I really do get the feeling that I’d probably find Raucous to be a revelation if I hadn’t heard any metal in the last few years, but I have. So I didn’t.

– Russ L, being concise. Don’t expect it to last.



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