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God Bress Of Yookay

Posted in Music by Russ L on 6 January, 2006

Originally posted on 30/7/4

Sunday night I went to see Polysics at the Bar Academy. If you’ll permit me, I’d like to cite this one as an example of the thorough wrongness of the ‘downloading will destroy music’ brigade. I’d never even heard of Polysics a few weeks ago. Someone put a post on a messageboard I read saying they were playing, and since their description interested me I downloaded a few tracks. I enjoyed them, and went to this gig.

So, with downloading: Polysics haven’t lost anything, but they did get at least one extra person through the door, and there’s now a very likely chance that I’ll will buy releases or attend more gigs if they come back over here.

Without downloading: I’d still never have heard them, I wouldn’t have gone to that gig, and there would be little chance of me buying any releases or going to future gigs.

I’d never been to The Bar Academy before, anyway, so there was the inevitable slightly awkward process of figuring out where in the building the bands play and how you get there (if you don’t have a ticket you have to pay your door money at the bar downstairs, give the little chit they give you to the bouncer and go up the stairs directly opposite the entrance. That was how it worked on this particular occasion, at least). Blessedly, the place wasn’t quite as unpleasant as its larger sister venue (‘a glorified sports hall,’ as I recently heard it described).

I missed the opening band, apparently featuring a lady who’s singing was like ‘sexual moaning.’ Gott day-um…

I was in time for Punish The Atom. I’d heard a few songs from their website beforehand, which didn’t fill me with massive hope – another one of these punk-funk bands, sounding like Gang Of Four but not as good. Is that sort of thing still fashionable? I haven’t looked at the NME for ages. Their live set didn’t really do much to wow me either – not terrible, but on the boring side.

Whether the next man likes them or not, he couldn’t describe Polysics as boring. They’re described generaly as the Japanese Devo it seems, and that is spot on, but think Melt Banana and first album Mr Bungle too. Unsurprisingly, they’re absolutely massive fun. A lot rockier than I expected live, but full to overflow with energy and enthusiasm. The frontman’s (clearly exaggurated) broken English/loony foreigner mannerisms were priceless, too.

More or less the only thing I was capable of saying on leaving was ‘hee hee heeeeeeeee,’ and that’s a good state of mind to be in.

– Russ L



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